Here’s a snapshot I just took of the playroom (next to the living room).  The kids were all happily playing and getting along this morning (phew!), and I just wanted to capture the scene behind Mr. Paulistano.  While there is something to be said for minimalism, and I do prefer my house (and life) to be clutter-free, I also quite enjoy the comfort of a cozy, lived-in home.  Some of my favourite things are in this photo: the yellow rocking chair my dad had as a child,  my ‘Keep Calm’ poster (that incidentally was purchased directly from the original source in Northumberland UK, Barter Books, way before it was EVERYWHERE…just sayin’), my vintage magazine rack, and the cup of pretend coffee my kids made for me on their very own espresso machine (they know me too well). Happy Friday!


Chair Love

Credit: AurelioZen via Flickr

So I have a slight infatuation with beautifully designed chairs.  The lines, material, fabrication…Most of my favourites were designed in the 1950s, however there are many contemporary chairs that I would happily bring into my home.  I’m slowly acquiring a few favourites, however I know that realistically I will never own every chair that I admire.  It might be a little cliche, but the chair at the top of my wish list is the Eames lounger.  I was in love even before I knew who Ray and Charles Eames were.  Ideally it will be a slightly-beat up, well-loved vintage version, but I wouldn’t turn away a brand new one if it suddenly appeared on my doorstep!

This Paulistano chair is hanging out in my living room

These lovely white Eames eiffel chairs live in my dining room

A couple of these Reed chairs by CB2 also live in my dining room (so does that gorgeous Shesham wood dining table!)

Hello my love


A few honourable mentions…

Womb chair by Eero Saarinen

Chieftans chair by Finn Juhl

Wishbone chair by Hans J. Wegner