Music Monday | Mumford & Sons

Happy Monday!


Music Monday | Band of Horses

Band of Horses is a Seattle-based indie rock band, led by vocalist Ben Bridwell.  Their latest album, Mirage Rock, was released this September.  If you live in Toronto, you can see them play at Massey Hall on December 5!

Here is Band of Horses playing one of my favourite songs, The Funeral, live on Letterman…if it sounds familiar, you’ve probably heard it on the soundtrack of a TV show (or two)!

Music Monday | Mix Tapes

It’s Music Monday: Thanksgiving Edition.  I was back in my hometown this weekend, and while *finally* sorting through many many MANY musty boxes that have been stored for well over 10 years, I came across some tapes.  Cassette tapes.  There were quite a few gems, but nothing better than some old mix tapes.  Some were made by me, but some were given to me by friends.  Mix tapes were such a great way to show someone how much you cared about them…an iTunes playlist just isn’t quite the same (but would still be a pretty sweet gesture, no?).  Enjoy this blast from the past….