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It’s been a chickpea kinda day around here.  Chickpeas, aka garbanzo beans, are so versatile, and today I tried out a brand new way to prepare them: in cookies!  A friend of mine shared this post with me, and I was eager to give them a try.  These cookies are gluten-free/grain-free/dairy-free.  My recipe is an adaptation of the original, and I have prepared three variations: one with chocolate, one with jam, and one with fresh raspberries.  They are all delicious —  creamy, satisfying, and not too sweet.

Chickpea PB & Banana Cookies

1 – 19 fl oz can chickpeas, drained

2 small ripe bananas

1/4 c. honey

1/2 c. natural peanut butter

1 egg

2 tbsp oil

1/2 tsp vanilla

1 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

for the variations: chocolate chips (I used Enjoy Life chocolate chunks – dairy & soy free), jam (I used strawberry), berries (I used fresh raspberries)

…In food processor or blender, puree chickpeas, banana, honey, peanut butter, egg, oil, vanilla, baking powder and salt.  I used my Vita-Mix, and the dough was the consistency of hummus.

…Drop by spoonful onto a parchment- or silpat-lined baking sheet.  Top with chocolate, a dab of jam, or a fresh raspberry.

…Bake at 350 for about 13 minutes.  Cool slightly & enjoy!  Makes about 3 dozen cookies.


Eat Your Greens

Even though I’ve worked as a chef, and I do love to cook, I still tend to be lazy about it.  In general, I try to eat as clean & healthy as possible, but in reality that can take a little time & effort.  I love my greens, especially kale.  Every week, I get an organics delivery from Front Door Organics.  What I love most about their service is that all summer & fall, I can get a variety of fruits and veggies that were all grown in Ontario.  For the past few weeks, I’ve been getting kale, spinach, beets (with tops), green beans & broccoli.  Rather than cook something every day, I’ve come up with a ‘system’ that has been working really well with my penchant for lazy-cooking.  Basically, I steam all the greens at one time, so they’re in the fridge, ready to eat at anytime: with eggs in an omelette, rolled into a burrito with tofu & vegan cheese, as a topping on black bean tacos, added to veggie broth for a quick soup (with tofu + other veggies)…The possibilities are endless!


steamed beet greens, kale, spinach & green beans…sitting next to some delicious tahini sauce & hummus in my fridge


Share Thanksgiving

Wondering how you can make this Thanksgiving extra special? Why not welcome a new Canadian family into your home for Thanksgiving dinner! is a volunteer-run service, with the goal of connecting old and new Canadians for an evening of conversation. What a great way to build community, make connections, and share traditions!



Warm Potato Salad

I haven’t really cooked for myself since moving into my new place, so I couldn’t resist posting tonight’s dinner – a warm potato salad, with lots of greens & farm fresh ‘treasure’ eggs.  Proudly made with all Ontario organic veggies — even the garlic!  Recipe outline after the photos (I say outline, because if you know the way I cook, I don’t really follow recipes…if I do, there is usually some tweaking involved)…  Yum!

Freshly tossed & ready to plate!

Don’t forget the Sriracha!

Warm Potato Salad

1lb new potatoes – boiled

3 golden beets – roasted or boiled (in this case I boiled them with the potatoes, in an effort to save time)

a bunch of kale & the beet greens, chopped & steamed

1-2 cloves garlic, minced

1-2 handfuls chopped cilantro

hard boiled eggs

you could also add some chickpeas


2T lemon juice

2T red wine vinegar

3T olive oil

1T grainy dijon mustard (regular dijon will do)

a generous dollop of Sriracha (or Tabasco)

s+p to taste

…Mix dressing in a large bowl, toss in the warm potatoes, beets, most of the greens, cilantro & garlic.  Top with eggs (and sriracha if you need it like I do).  A little avocado would be nice too!  Save your extra steamed greens for a nice healthy omelette the next morning (maybe with a little sauteed mushrooms?).

Oh, and check out this basil…smells amazing!!

Ontario organic basil

Digital Magazines

In honour of Rue’s 2nd birthday today, I’m profiling a few of my favourite digital magazines.  There are so many great ones available -for free- on this thing called the internet.  I’m sure I’m only scratching the surface with my short compilation, so feel free to share your favourites with me!  Not only are they beautiful to look at, they offer so many fresh ideas that aren’t commonly found in commercial publications.


Veggie Love

When it comes to food, I like to keep things simple, but with lots of flavour.  Over the past year, my eating habits have changed, such that I’ve become almost-vegan.  I say almost, because I still eat farm fresh eggs…and the occasional bit of dairy when I treat myself to some chocolate.  With my upcoming move, I haven’t been taking the time to cook elaborate meals.  When my father came to visit a few weeks ago, I took advantage of the fact that I had someone else to cook for, and made a few of my favourites.  Here is my recipe for a very simple Ratatouille.  I am quite happy that it was made exclusively with local organic veggies — even the parsley was picked from my slightly-pathetic herb garden.  I served it for dinner with quinoa, and the next morning I used some of the leftovers in an omelette.  I was able to stretch it to yet another dinner for two, this time served with arugula and avocado.  I don’t have any photos of the fully-plated meal, but here is how it looked in the pot – fresh & delicious!

Simple ratatouille, ready to enjoy!


1 red onion

1-2 cloves garlic, minced

1 red pepper


1 zucchini

1 summer squash

1 large eggplant

1-2 tomatoes

1-2 handfuls of fresh parsley and/or cilantro, chopped

salt & pepper

Large dice all the veggies (about 1cm square), but keep them separate.  Start by heating some grapeseed oil in a large pot (I love using my Le Creuset pot for meals like this).  Add the onion, red pepper and garlic.  Saute over medium-ish heat (you don’t want to brown/burn the veggies).  After a few minutes, add the mushrooms.  Allow the mushrooms to cook down a bit, then add the zucchini and summer squash.  A few minutes later, add the eggplant.  Give everything a good stir & continue to cook, stirring occasionally.  You want the veggies to soften, but not get too mushy.  Once everything is almost done, add the tomatoes and chopped parsley/cilantro.  Season with salt and pepper.