Music Monday | Generation Gap

Starting these Music Monday posts has given me the opportunity not only to tap into to some of the great music that is being produced today, but it has opened up a dialogue between me and my friends and family.  I’ve been getting some great input for music to profile, and that is exciting – I love hearing new music, especially when it has that certain something to keep me listening over and over again.  As I sit down to write this post, I’m thinking about music today, and how the “generation gap” between the music that kids and their parents listen to seems to be shrinking.  Granted I have a broad range of musical tastes… I will happily listen to Top 40 (and mostly like it), singing in the car with my kids to ‘Call Me Maybe’…and then later, I will sit down with my Dad and share new artists we’ve recently discovered, that we both really enjoy and appreciate.  Yes, there is some ‘disposable’ music being made, and I will probably continue to make fun of it (sorry Bieber fans)…but to the same extent, I also appreciate the place this genre holds in the music scene — I was a fan of New Kids on the Block, after all.  Music is always changing and I don’t see myself ever finding music both new and old, from Top 40 to Indie Rock, to be something that only “kids” listen to.  Generation gaps aside, if it’s great music, then there is no age difference.

…keep a nice open mind about what the young people go for…otherwise the youngsters won’t let you understand them


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