Eat Your Greens

Even though I’ve worked as a chef, and I do love to cook, I still tend to be lazy about it.  In general, I try to eat as clean & healthy as possible, but in reality that can take a little time & effort.  I love my greens, especially kale.  Every week, I get an organics delivery from Front Door Organics.  What I love most about their service is that all summer & fall, I can get a variety of fruits and veggies that were all grown in Ontario.  For the past few weeks, I’ve been getting kale, spinach, beets (with tops), green beans & broccoli.  Rather than cook something every day, I’ve come up with a ‘system’ that has been working really well with my penchant for lazy-cooking.  Basically, I steam all the greens at one time, so they’re in the fridge, ready to eat at anytime: with eggs in an omelette, rolled into a burrito with tofu & vegan cheese, as a topping on black bean tacos, added to veggie broth for a quick soup (with tofu + other veggies)…The possibilities are endless!


steamed beet greens, kale, spinach & green beans…sitting next to some delicious tahini sauce & hummus in my fridge



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